We receive, transcode and deliver TV streams

Offering over 1,000 channels for cable and IPTV operators, as well as OTT platforms.

SRT delivery protects against data loss
Our SRT delivery method ensures protection against data loss, transmitting video streams over the Internet with redundancy.
Experience 7 days of free quality testing.
Order all the necessary channels for testing, evaluate the video and sound. Check the stability of the signal at different times of the day, on weekdays and weekends.
We reduce your costs for receiving a signal
Minimize your costs associated with signal reception. We can capture TV signals from any source, eliminating the need for additional satellite dishes and complex reception setups.

Technical capabilities

Transcoding the signal for your equipment

We make changes to the media container, audio and video streams so that the channels go correctly on your equipment. You do not need to buy and configure new equipment. Free software for the duration of the subscription.

Free software for the duration of the subscription

We install software on your server that provides SRT, multicast and online monitoring. Installation, maintenance and rental are free of charge for the duration of the subscription to our services. Online-monitoring of signal quality.

Online monitoring of signal quality

Go to your personal account and see the signal quality graphs at any time. If you notice a failure, it will help to eliminate round-the-clock technical support.

Round-the-clock technical support

Specialists with experience of up to 15 years will advise and solve problems with signaling at any time of the day.

SRT technology compensates for losses and delivers the signal without errors

The SRT sends the main and redundant data flow. Traffic is processed priority, losses of the main stream are compensated for excessive. On your server, the data is reassembled, and the signal is given out without loss.

Own CDN provides backup delivery paths

For each channel we give several links to servers in different data centers — Russia (M9), Ukraine, Belarus and Europe (DE-CIX). If the server or the backbone provider has a failure, the broadcast comes from backup links through other servers.


TV signal for cable and IPTV operators

We supply SD, HD, 4K quality channels via the Internet in the universal media container HTTP/MPEG-TS. This method is compatible with industry standards, including low-end software solutions based on CesboAstra.

We provide transport streams of signals using HTTP and UDP technologies. If you need reliable delivery, we will install our restymer server on your local network, which will accept streams from us via SRT, UDT or ZIXI technology.

From the server to your network, the channels will be broadcast via UDP multicast, UDP unicast or HTTP/HLS. You can check the quality of broadcasting in the online monitoring system at any time.
    Transcoding TV signals streams
    We change audio and video codec settings, resolution, SDT, and more. This is necessary if your equipment or headend does not properly process the signal in its original form.

    Changes in the transport stream (media container):
    • changing PID tracks
    • adding placeholder frames to a constant bitrate
    • change the frequency of service frames
    • changing the contents of SDT, NIT tables
    • adding (multiplexing) video and audiotracks

    In the video track:
    • Codec change: MPEG-4 AVC (H.264, various profiles), HEVC (H.265), MPEG-2
    • change video resolution: e.g. production of SD stream from HD
    • aspect change, frame rate, scan (progressive, four-line)
    • applying filters and static images: for example, removing and adding logos
    • compliance with the required restrictions when encoding to constant or variable bitrate

    In the audio track:
    • codec change: MPEG-1 layer 2, AAC
    • change in the number of audio channels, bitrate, language ISO codes
      Broadcast TV streams to the local network
      Do you need to receive streams from the Internet and send them to your headend via IP (multicast, unicast)? Do you want to stream internet directly to the DVB-C/T network?

      Specialists of our company will configure for you a server-repeater of TV streams from the Internet to your DVB or IP infrastructure.

      You will receive the following benefits:
      • For delivery to this server, we use the most reliable protocols with precisely calibrated settings, which guarantees maximum signal stability.
      • Maintenance efforts are saved: we solve most delivery problems across the entire path, from the signal source to your network.
      • Internet traffic is saved — one stream is distributed to several devices: headends, streaming software.
      • A modern headend does not require SRT licenses.
      • A legacy headend that only works with multicast does not require an additional multicast server.
      • Always up-to-date playlist for TVs, set-top boxes, mobile applications.
      • Monitoring of the quality of signals is available both at the "output" from us and at the "entrance" to you.

        TV signal for OTT platforms

        We supply OTT streams in the multita bitrate — with several tracks with different bitrates. This allows you to organize adaptive streaming within the framework of standard technologies HLS or DASH. We can provide an archive of TV channel streams.


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